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How To Photograph Horse Shows

How to Photograph a Horse Show. . .

Standing in front and to the side of a jump enables one to photograph the horse and the rider's face. Any camera can be used, but a DSL camera using a fast lens will make it easier. You will often not have time to suit your needs to move and if you try your movement may disturb the horse.

Arrive early and walk round the arena/ show ring to determine which direction the sunlight will be from. Like shooting jumping horses, this involves timing and you also may have to shoot several shots to have it right. Ideally, you can capture as soon as if the horse is at mid-air and the rider's eyes are turned toward the next jump and your camera. These photos can be studied straight on or with a slight angle to obtain all the horses and riders inside the photo.

1 Position yourself in the Fotograf Katowice non-conspicuous spot in which you won't distract the horse or rider. Ideally, you can capture the minute once the horse is in mid-air as well as the rider's eyes are turned toward the next jump and your camera. Consult the course diagram normally posted nearby the ring to determine the path the horse and rider is likely to be taking.

Wear neutral colored clothing as some horses may shy from bright colors. Watch the horse as it approaches fences (jump) and count the strides, or steps, it takes before jumping. Keep in your mind this will vary throughout the day. If the jumps are too small for the horse to have all four legs tucked under, take the photo since it is rising to the jump.

1 Keep a rubber bulb for blowing air to completely clean your lenses. There will be a lot of dust and often clumps of dirt kicked your way. Do not work with a cleaning cloth as rubbing the dust and dirt can scratch your lenses.

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