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What Is Henna? History, Cultivation, Production

What is Henna?. . . .

Condition, strengthening, nourish and promote pastillas acne hair growth. Celebrities in particularly musicians, who flaunt their tattoos, have brought much awareness for the art. . Manufacturing & Exporting.

Names According to Country . In India and Pakistan harvesting takes place throughout the months of April, May and October-November and is also usually determined by the monsoon rains. The word henna is English originated in the Arabic word hinna and it has different names in accordance with country and language. Asemi automatic sifter helps you to remove debris, stems, seeds, stones, stalks, defective leaves and all sorts of forms of matter that will not meet specific standards. English - henna, Jamaica Mignonette, Cypress shrub, Camphire.

Harvesting varies in accordance with region, but definitely throughout the flowering season. Attempts to grow henna in climates not conducive have proven unsuccessful. The leaves have asimilar shape as an almond, and sprout equally in opposite positions. Dye fabrics.

The most resourceful section of the henna plant are the leaves which contain an orange-red pigment called lawsone hence the botanical term, lawsonia inermis (latin). The earliest proof of henna used in decorating our bodies and dyeing the hair, were foundon the nails and hair of Egyptian mummies. Manufacturing & Exporting.

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